Blue-Dyed : Love, Wealth, and Abundance

Affirmation:I am at peace. All is well in my life. I am grateful for my ability to stay focused on what is truly important. I am a blessing to myself and others. I have many blessings. Love, wealth, and abundance come naturally to me. 

Spiritual uses: With its peaceful blue energy, blue-dyed agate emits calming vibrations. This stone infuses peacefulness into the surrounding area. Use this stone to integrate grounded meditation experiences into your practices. This agate, which is often attractive to children, helps provide calm, grounded experiences for children’s spiritual activities in the metaphysical realm.

Mental uses: Blue-dyed agate is useful for gaining insight and clarity. In cases where confusion or distractions exist, this stone can assist in gently guiding your attention back to the matter at hand. Use this stone with children for relieving stress regarding school work or any type of study. It’s helpful for children as well as adults with ADD and ADHD. 

Emotional uses: With blue-dyed agate in hand, set your intentions on balancing 
your emotions and bringing yourself into a place of calmness. If you have a ten- dency to be up and down in your emotions, this is one of the stones that can help you maintain that focus. All agates are very grounding, and the blue energy in this stone will calm any inflamed emotions you may be experiencing. 

Physical uses: Blue-dyed agate is a good stone to work with if you frequently strain parts of your body. Using this stone can help keep your attention on what you are doing. If you tend to become angry easily, this stone can remind you that every- thing is okay at the deepest level. Breathe deeply and allow the blue energy to dissi- pate the angry red energy from your consciousness. It is also a stone of good for- tune and many blessings. Use this stone to discover your life’s work and fulfill your divine purpose. 

Blue Lace: Opportunities Abound! 

Affirmation: Favorable opportunities present themselves to me in many ways, and I follow through on their promise. I am always in the right place at the right time. I have divine timing. It is easy for me to express myself. I am understood. I truly hear what others are communicating. 

Spiritual uses : The pastel blue vibration of blue lace agate aligns you with the ability to hear divine guidance from angels, spirit guides, power animals, fairies, and the Other Side. With this alignment, the ability to follow your intuition is increased. This stone helps you to develop trust of the spiritual realm. This stone is asso- ciated with Archangels Haniel and Thuriel.

Mental uses : Blue lace agate improves your ability to communicate with others and speak your truth. Use it when you want to be heard and truly understood. It also helps you listen more closely when others speak and really hear and understand what they are trying to express. It aids your ability to read between the lines.

Emotional uses : Blue lace agate increases your ability to stay calm and peaceful in times of stress and turmoil. It is an aid for appropriately communicating your emo- tions and feelings. This stone’s pastel blue color is ideal to use to calm children who have a tendency to be hyperactive and extremely loud. On the other hand, it assists children who have a hard time expressing themselves. In other words, this agate balances out either extreme.

Physical uses : The pastel blue of this lacy agate promotes health for the throat, neck, ears, mouth, gums, teeth, and nose. Blue lace agate encourages peace and calm and is beneficial for healing all types of physical ailments. This stone helps you to reduce stress and calm inflammation. Use it for laryngitis, sore throats, and canker sores and to calm outbreaks of herpes anywhere on the body. 

Agate Botswana :Abstract Thinking 

Affirmation: I think abstractly. I am extremely creative. Creative thoughts are con- stantly coming to me. Patterns and different perspectives give me insight and understanding. I am imaginative, and I easily arrive at solutions to challenges as they present themselves. My creative endeavors come to fruition. I am enthusiastic and confident.

Spiritual uses : The banded patterns within this stone form a vortex of energy that opens your spiritual ears and eyes, enabling you to receive channeled messages. Being an agate, this stone keeps you grounded while you “download” spiritual wis- dom and knowledge. It is helpful to integrate complex and abstract spiritual beliefs and concepts. It’s a great aid in studying spiritual texts.

Mental uses : The swirling colors of Botswana agate amplify the creative vibe for connecting with artistic ideas. With its banded patterns, this stone also assists you in recognizing the patterns in your life and within yourself. It is beneficial to be conscious of repetitive patterns and clarifies what shifts you might choose to make. When you are in the process of changing your reality, one of the first assign- ments is to use the tool of self-observation. This tool gives you the ability to ob- serve if you are stuck in a rut or limiting belief systems.

Emotional uses : Botswana agate can help you step into your swirling emotions by using abstract thinking. Because it aids with the ability to look at things outside the box, it provides objectivity. It promotes observing your emotions from many dif- ferent angles, thereby removing the strong attachment to those emotions. Use this stone to tap into the expression of emotions through art.
Physical uses : Botswana agate is a good stone for improving skin tone, texture, and collagen production. Regardless of the stone’s color, the underlying energy of all agates is grounding and stabilizing. When you combine the lofty energy of cre- ativity that lies within this stone with the energy of groundedness, you receive addi- tional assistance in manifesting conscious action to make your intentions a reality. This is a stone for artists and inventors. 

Agate Brown: Open Up!

Affirmation: It’s easy to open myself up to allow the light in. I unlock the secrets of my soul. I am aware of my thoughts and belief systems. I am a caretaker of the earth. I spend time in nature. My connection with fairies is strong. I am a talented gardener! 

Spiritual uses : Brown agate is a perfect stone for connecting with the elemental spirits, devic forces, and the fairy kingdom. The plant and other earth spirits are aligned with this stone. With it, you can tap into the wisdom of the earth stewards. This stone opens up the “trap doors” on the soles of your feet, grounding you so that you can communicate with the nature spirits.

Mental uses : The color of the earth, brown agate is a useful tool for grounding your awareness by connecting to the soil. It is easy to get distracted, go off on tangents, and never get anything done, but this stone can gently keep you on task while still allowing the energy of fun, play, and creativity.

Emotional uses : Brown agate reminds you that laughter and play are keys to a  balanced emotional state. This stone wants you to make mud pies and reactivate your childlike nature. The carefree energy of this stone, which is strongly aligned with the nature spirits, helps you heal your inner child and issues from the past. This stone also helps you to sort out your emotions so that you can recognize that all that exists is this present moment.

Physical uses : Brown agate is a good tool for balancing the absorption and elimi- nation processes of the physical body. This stone helps you remove toxins from your physical body through your reconnection with nature. It reminds you to spend time with the trees, grass, and flowers, which aid in physical health and well-being. This is a good stone for gardeners, landscape architects, herbalists, aromather- apists, and ecologists. 

Agate Green Dyed : Be Green!

Affirmation:It’s easy to “be green.” I make conscious, informed purchases. I recycle used materials. I reuse as much as possible. It is my aim to leave this world a better place than it was when I arrived. I am dedicated to leaving a minimal footprint on the planet. 

Spiritual uses : Green-dyed agate opens your mind to understanding the spiritual dimensions of plants and plant-life forms. Plants have a consciousness in similar alignment to the consciousness of animals. This stone allows you to hear mes- sages from the plant kingdom and to benefit from its vast knowledge.

Mental uses : With green-dyed agate in hand, contemplate the limiting belief sys- tems and outdated thoughtforms (mental energy) that need to be removed from your consciousness. Set the intention to release this clutter from your mind and energy field, and foster positivity in its place.

Emotional uses : Green-dyed agate helps you to remember to cleanse and purify your body as well as your environment. As you release toxins or unnecessary clut- ter in your life, you will make a healthier and clearer space in which to live. With this stone close by, take advantage of the healing properties of a swim in a pool, lake, or ocean, or simply relax in a bath.

Physical uses : Green-dyed agate reminds you that there is great power in “being green.” Recycling keeps your physical space in order and this stone keeps you aware of how the materials you leave behind might affect the next seven gener- ations. This stone can be used by vegetarians and/or vegans for making peace with the plant kingdom and thanking it for the sustenance it provides. 

Agate Green Moss: Mountain Air

Affirmation: I spend time in nature. I have an intimate connection with Mother Earth and tools for natural healing. Essential oils and herbs bring balance to my life. I am aware of the sacred ground beneath my feet. The green energy of plants and trees restore my body, mind, and spirit.

Spiritual uses : Green moss agate holds within it the spiritual wisdom of the keep- ers, or devic forces, of the plant kingdom. Working with this stone provides a por- tal through which you can access the world of fairies, gnomes, and elves. This stone helps inspire you when working with herbs and aromatherapy for body, mind, and spirit. Green moss agate is good for aligning your energy with Archangels Raphael and Thuriel.

Mental uses : With its mosslike pattern, this stone helps you remember to ground yourself. Use green moss agate when you are experiencing mental fatigue. This stone helps you replenish your mental focus. When you aren’t able to make it out- doors, gaze into the stone’s inner structure and imagine that you’ve stepped into a forest or glen for a quick break. It’s helpful for people who spend a good deal of time inside buildings with limited time in nature.

Emotional uses : With its earthy appearance, green moss agate helps you to reclaim your balance through nature. Infuse this stone with an intention to take time to walk in the grass, visit the water’s edge, or embrace a tree. Give your emotional challenges to the earth through the use of imagery. For example, imagine that a flow of emotional toxins is draining from the soles of your feet, and envision Moth- er Earth transforming the toxins into rich compost or fertilizer.

Physical uses : Grounding and healing, green moss agate aids you in understanding aromatherapy and herbal essences. This stone aligns you with nature and gar- dening. Hold the stone to the light and look through it to see the mineral inclu- sions that resemble fern or moss inside the stone. This stone reminds you that you are a steward of the earth. Learn how to compost, recycle, and take the extra step to take care of the planet. This is a good stone for gardeners, aromatherapists, and herbalists.   

Agate Magenta-Dyed: The Feminine Christ 

Affirmation: I am love. I align my consciousness with gentleness, compassion, and goodwill toward all. I am compassionate and kind. I am aligned with the healing powers of inner peace and kindness. I am able to help others by vibrating love through my presence, words, and actions.

Spiritual uses : Magenta-dyed agate reminds you to be receptive to your intuition and accept the part of you that is able to hold a vision and imagine a better way of life for all beings. Archetypes for this energy are Mother Mary, Kuan Yin, Isis, and Mary Magdalene (the Feminine Christ). The associated archangels are Tzaphkiel and Uriel. Use this agate to awaken your awareness of your spiritual purpose. Visu- alize brilliant magenta at your higher heart chakra, between the heart center and the throat center. Use this stone to activate the zeal point at the notch at the base of your skull, the occiput. (The zeal point regulates multidimensional telepathic com- munication. Currently, this point is just in the beginning stages of awakening.)

Mental uses : The thoughtforms, or mental energy, associated with magenta align the consciousness with the Feminine Christ. This archetypal energy embodies compassion, nurturing, and great wisdom. Through meditation on the thymus area (above the heart and below the throat), you can begin to grasp the difference be- tween information, knowledge, and wisdom with magenta-dyed agate. Strive for wisdom, and the information and knowledge will always be available.

Emotional uses : Magenta-dyed agate can help you to balance your emotions, there- by increasing your emotional maturity. The color magenta is a reminder of the Di- vine Mother within, who hears and knows truth and accepts you unconditionally. This stone amplifies retribution, both positive and negative. Make use of the en- ergy to amplify your intention through your heart and thymus to project love into all your thoughts, goals, and actions.

Physical uses : With its deep pink vibration, magenta-dyed agate activates the open- ing of your heart center to allow love to enter. There are many sensual feelings that naturally arise when the heart center opens. With this stone in hand, use the breath and discipline to harness the sensual energy for the higher good of all.     

Agate Purple-Dyed: Grounded Spirituality

Affirmation: I adjust my attitude to create a happier life. I am discerning about the people I allow into my circle. I am mindful of being in peaceful places to support my loving vibration. I take good care of myself. I sleep well every night.

Spiritual uses : Purple-dyed agate helps to keep you grounded during your spiritual quest while allowing your consciousness to open up to unlimited possibilities. This stone aids in opening channels in the crown chakra and the third eye to all wisdom, enabling information to flow through you with ease. It is protective and grounding, which is beneficial when opening the upper chakras.

Mental uses : Purple-dyed agate helps you to transform negative thoughts or beliefs by awakening your awareness to the incessant chatter. This is a stone of unlimited possibilities. Use it to think outside the box and find different ways to approach a problem or any mind-bending challenge.

Emotional uses : Purple dyed agate carries the transformative power to remove peo- ple, places, or things from your life that upset you emotionally. With this stone, you can lovingly release people from your life who keep hurting your feelings. This agate is useful to let go of feelings of insecurity, depression, and lack of confi- dence.

Physical uses : Purple-dyed agate can help you beneficially readjust how you take care of your physical body. Use the grounded vibration of its transformative energy to transmute aches, pains, weight issues, and a whole plethora of potential health challenges.       

Agate Tree (Dendritic Agate) : Standing Ones

Affirmation: The earth is my mother. I am one with all that is. I am connected with the sacred energy of the trees, plants, shrubs, vines, and smaller vegetation. I em- brace the sunshine as well as the rain. I am in balance with all life.

Spiritual uses : Tree agate is useful for taking on the earthy characteristic of trees. With this stone, you can visualize that you have branches extending from your body, rising up to connect with the cosmic consciousness while firmly established in the present moment. Your feet connect you with Mother Earth through deeply embedded roots. Use this stone for earth-centered spiritual pursuit, earth-based rituals, and shamanic journeywork.

Mental uses : Tree agate amplifies your ability to gather knowledge and wisdom from the universal consciousness. It also helps you to more readily access the vast information stored within your own mind. Imagine that the crown of your head is like branches of a tree reaching out for and absorbing information while you stay rooted in the earth. When your to-do list is lengthy, this stone will help you stay grounded and focused.

Emotional uses : Tree agate reminds you to sway with the winds of change as they occur so that you can readily and easily adapt to new things and situations. This stone encourages you to take yourself into nature to rebalance raw emotions, feel- ings, and out-of-control responses. Use the negative ions of nature to reestablish your emotional balance.

Physical uses : Tree agate is the perfect stone for arborists, gardeners, florists, farm- ers, aromatherapists, herbalists, and anyone aligned with plants and nature. It’s beneficial for the feet, ankles, and legs as well as the mind and the brain. Use tree agate when you are detoxifying and cleansing your physical body, as it will lend support for your process.     


” The Essential Guide to Crystals, Minarels and Stones “

Margaret Ann Lembo

About the Author Margaret Ann Lembo (Boynton Beach, FL) is a spiritual practitioner and owner of The Crystal Garden, a spiritual center and gift shop. For more than twenty years, she has led workshops and classes around the country. Her audio CDs (guided meditations and more) are distributed nationally. She is also the president of the Coalition of Visionary Resources (COVR). Visit her online at www.margare- 


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